Friday, June 28, 2013

Virginia Beach Optimist Project

This is where Al was on his project back on March 1st of 2103:

It's been a while since I've done any major work on my craft.  Been away enjoying the sunshine.  I have done some stuff like cut off the "legs".  Another tool buying opportunity, this time a saddle square.  neat little gadget but way over priced.  Also got to use the new flush cut saw that I love.  Have found Harbor Freight to be a treasure trove for all sorts of tools at great prices and most have held up well.  Clamps are one thing that they have at great prices if you watch the sales.  Never have enough clamps!

I have also fitted out bow and stern with some embellishments that i feel are more than decorative.  Feel they will strengthen both ends.  Presently they are still clamped since the temp here is still fortyish and I'm in no hurry to sand or plane partially hardened epoxy.  Speaking of planing a couple of comments.  I have two really small planes maybe 2" long and 1' wide.  Really useful little items that can quickly place down areas where a normal box plane won't fit and do a great job.  Had them for years and haven't seen any in stores lately.  Also discovered with the help of my expert woodworker son "Scary Sharp".  This is a fantastically simple, cheap ,fast and effective way to sharpen tools such as chisels and plane irons. Uses varying grits of sandpaper glued to a thick sheet of glass.  Lots on the web about it.  Also found a Robert Larson honing guide on Amazon for less than $11 that does the trick and is much cheap than most.  A solid well built device.

I've also been playing with the rub rails.  Got some nice mahogany fairly cheaply and had it ripped 1 1/2' wide.  Have had it clamped to the sides where it will be attached for weeks trying to give it some bend.  Too lazy to make a steam box.  Have used a household clothing steamer held up to the clamped on wood.  When I have loosened clamps the wood has assumed a gentle curve that is far better than nothing.  Will keep clamped and steam  a few more times.

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