Clark Mills

          “A boat, by God, its just a gleamin' beautiful creation.
          And when you pull the sail up on a boat, you've got a
          little bit of really somethin' God-given. Man, it goes
          bleetin' off like a bird wing, you know, and there's
          nothin' else like it.” 

          "There is something about somebody who builds a boat that
           people can go offshore in and come back safely that I have  

           got to respect." 

          "It all happens under the waterline. If you haven't got it done

          there, it doesn't much matter what you do to the topside."

          "Pretty is as pretty does in sailing."

          -- Clark Mills

Clark Mills as a young man

Pictured below are the three men who many believe deserve the lion's share of credit for the success of the Optimist Pram.

Photo left to right:
          - Designer/builder - Clark Mills
          - Concept - Major Clifford McKay
          - Promoter/organizer - Ernie Green

The history of the pram has been well documented.
Hear it told by the man himself: